[edited: clock modified, and battery icon added]

Who likes their default wallpaper on company laptops? Well... I don't! But as users don't have administrator privileges around here, the desktop background menu is blocked.

So instead of setting my wallpaper with a batch file every time I reboot, I decided to "use" the corporate one by tweaking it with Rainmeter and RocketDock (both as portable versions).


Then by matching the color theme from the company, and hiding the taskbar, here's the result:

Illustration for article titled Corporate Background Tweaks

The info on the upper-right corner is the default BGInfo script from the company.


The upper-left corner is my own tweaked GoogleBar for Rainmeter (I changed it to use DuckDuckGo instead of Google).

The clock in the middle is KitKat clock for Rainmeter (I only tweaked the numbers' font, size and position, and added the date).


The weather info on the right displays the forecast for the city where the company's HQ is, thanks to SimpleSentenceThree. I only changed its location configuration and displayed message.

The CPU and RAM info (on the bottom-left corner) is also displayed with SimpleSentenceThree (with their default configurations).


The battery info on the bottm-right corner is also from SimpleSentenceThree (I only modified the label to have a lightning bolt symbol).

I finally have the RocketDock at the bottom, with its default CrystalXP.net skin. I removed everything to include only the shortcuts I use to work (batch files for network drives and backups, Excel/Word files, Liberkey, ...). I used the Junior Iconset to change the ugly and blurry default icons.


All the icons on the left are shortcuts to documents related to work in progress (IT projects).


This isn't the sleekest and most beautiful desktop you'll find... by far!! But it sure is the best way I found to "like" the default corporate background we have!

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